Googah™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does the Googah baby mirror come with a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, after purchasing your baby view mirror if you are not completely satisfied that it functions as good as we say return it immediately for a full refund of your purchase price.

Is it sturdy and reliable?
The design is sturdy and yes it is safe and reliable. It is also tested for safety, reliability and material used.

Is the baby view mirror easy to fit?
yes the design is such that it performs the required task while at the same time the size is sensible. This way peace of mind while driving with your baby is easier to achieve.

Does it come with instructions?
Yes, each baby view mirror comes with clear instructions on the rear of the package as well as pictures which also help to make it clearer.

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • It comes in a modern color and soft feel outer design surrounding the mirror
  • Has a protective cover on the mirror so that it is not scratched during transport
  • It can be fitted to seats in different types of vehicles
  • Contains very durable and strong straps

Is it durable and will it last a long time?
Yes, the mirror is designed to last and is durable also.