A Recommendation For Every Parent

When this mirror arrived I opened the package and I was very pleased. It looked great and the colours and design of the package was very nice so much so that it could also be easily given as a gift. I did not expect the baby mirror to be packaged so well but I was most impressed by the protective film on the mirror, this meant my mirror was so clear and totally unmarked.

The price I paid was really good value as the quality is good and I even received a great eBook which was full of great stuff that I found really useful. The sellers service was great and they kept in touch with me when I purchased. This is real peace of mind for me and it is a definite recommendation to all parents with little ones when you are on the road.

Charmaine Anderson


Every Mom Needs One

If you are anything like me you always worry what your baby is up to when you are driving around with them in the back infant car seat. One day when meeting some other mothers at the park with our babies I noticed one of these as one of the mothers was taking her baby out of the car. After she told me how great it was and how much it cost I bought one the day after.

These days I drive around without feeling anxious as I have a great view of my baby all the time we are out in the car. The cost of this mirror is a tiny price to pay for this comfort. Since buying mine, I gave one to my sister as a gift and she loves it too.

Proud Mom


arrowsGreat Baby View Mirror

I heard all about these mirrors and just before I had my baby I knew I had to have one for myself. I did some research and as usual I like to shop with Amazon as I can make use of all the great feedback left for a good product.

This is a great baby view mirror which means I can drive around with peace of mind looking at my baby whenever I need to.

Sarah Wade


arrowsA Product That Should Be Compulsory!

This day and age when all cars have so many features it is great to come across a product which takes care of a huge problem for moms and dads and their infants.

It does not take long to fit and be in a position where you have a great view of your baby and you are feeling great about this. It is also easy to pull out of one car and place it in another although it is inexpensive so we have purchased a second mirror for our second car.

A great product and great customer service from this company.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for the first baby tips.

Alicia Samson


arrowsAnxiety – No Thanks!

I really love to go on long drives and my wife and I love to do a lot of camping trips. It means I drive a lot and yes we take our baby everywhere with us. Now that we have this mirror it is so much easier and there is so much less to worry about when making our trips.

We love getting out to the outdoors and we now do it with a greater peace of mind

Henry Muscat



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